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F0.8X-A 0.8x Focal Reducer
#F0.8X-A / 0.8x Focal Reducer for Astrophotography

- 0.8x Reducer provides wider field of view to reduce exposure time
  to optimizes your refractor for astrophotography
- Correct aberration to get crisp sharp, clear and flat image. 
- Fully multi-coated optics
- Exchangeable M42 & M48 T-Thread adapters
- Premium high glossy anodizing finish

0.8x Focal reducer
Backfocus: 55mm
Works with f/5 ~ f/7.5 refractors
Image Circle: 42mm
2" Barrel
Optional threaded adapter to LPO refractor
Exchangeable M42 & M48 T-thread Adapter for camera
- Model# F0.8X-AA : W/I M42 T-thread
- Model# F0.8X-AB : W/I M48 T-thread
- Model# F0.8X-AC : W/I both M42 / M48 T-thread

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