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E0824Z-HU 3X Zoom Lanthanum Eyepiece (celestial)
8-24mm 3X Zoom lanthanum Eyepiece for celestial viewing. 

- Lanthanum lenses bring you incredible observing.  
  The image is extra low aberration, superb bright, flat (almost no distortion), crystal clear and sharp.

- Dedicated universal cell phone phone adapter is optional
  E0824Z-A-HU (3X zoom eyepiece) + P214P-F (universal cell phone adapter) + any brand smart phone = eyepiece
Optical Specification  
Eyepiece Focal Length 8-24mm
Eyepiece Optics design  8 elements in 6 groups
Eye Relief 20mm
Eyepiece Field of View 40-60 degree
Lens Coating  Fully multi-coated
Mechanism Specification  
Main Body materials Alum. Alloy body
Barrel Size 1.25"
Eye Cup Type Twist -up eye cup, 4 sections

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