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L2.7A-FA01 Threaded Adapter for 2.7 inch Focuser and Field Flattener
Model#: L2.7A-FA01
Threaded Adapter for Astrophotography for Long Perng 2.7" Focuser

Fits for 
- LP Field flatteners #F1.0X-A, F1.0X-B
- LP Refractors with 2.7" focuser:  
  Thread to the draw tube of 2.7" focuser.

1. Stability of Collimation for Astrophotography
    Thread the field flattener / reducer to the draw tube directly
    to be instead of fixing 2” barrel to the focuser to avoid off-axis.  
2. Built-in M48x0.6P filter thread   
3. Fast and easy assembly

Assembly Instruction :
How to assembly the treaded adapter to the refractor and the field flatteners?
1. Remove 2" end adapter from the draw tube.
2. Remove 2" barrel from the field flattner.
3. Thread the field flattener to the draw tube.

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