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Touch Panel of Rifle Scope2024-02-05
New Innoviation!!

Long Perng T-Cross Series refresh your mind.

Most of people have knob switch type or button type control for the illumination control of the reticle.
The original idea of T-Cross is from the touch panel control lf the cell phone.
People used to 
This new idea helps shooters to adjust the brightness of the reticle much quickly and stably.  Besides, there's no noise.

Patent number:
#TW M572976
#CN 115192643A
#US 10605566B1

T-Crosse Models
SK R3TS-AB 3X22mm Rifle Scope
SN R0106TS-AB 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope
SP R0318TS-AB 3-18x44mm Rifle Scope
SM R0525TS-AB 5-25x50mm Rifle Scope
SS R0530TS-AB 5-30x56mm Rifle Scope

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